Register Now for ‘Safer, Stronger: The New Normal’ Week III

The 2020 KACCS Webinar Series On-line via Zoom Sponsored by Enrollment Resources

The 2nd week of “Safer, Stronger” webinars received strong attendance and positive feedback from the conferees. Don’t miss Week III, which includes emotional support and affirmation for organizations in tumult, and best practices for student recruitment, admissions, enrollment and retention!

Noted lecturers, authors and legal experts Dr. Wallace K. Pond and Yolanda Gallegos, Esq., and Tom King, Enrollment Resources, in collaboration with Anthony S. Bieda, public policy authority and KACCS Executive Director, present a series of webinars on the “Stronger, Safer New Normal” confronting career colleges and schools at a time of teaching, guiding and serving students from a distance. The sessions:

  • Why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling & what you can do about it.
  • Virtual Admissions Best Practices: How to pivot to virtual admissions quickly, while improving conversion rates over your old, ground-based approach.
  • Managing Contractual Obligations During CV19 Pandemic
  • Leadership that is “Effective & Dynamic” in a time of Foundational Change
  • How to retain students in a Fearful Environment: Best practices in virtual retention to keep your enrolled students engaged and excited.
  • Institution as Employer: Important Considerations when Faculty and Students Return to Campus
  • Curtailing & Ceasing operations in an orderly way if necessary
  • And much more to come!

Use your Zoom account and the information below to join the webinars of your choice. The sessions are no cost, provided as a courtesy by KACCS! Registration information is provided below!