Understanding higher ed’s role in workforce education partnerships

To better prepare students for jobs, new groups and companies are emerging to help connect what employers want and colleges offer. …Colleges and universities are pushing to keep up with the … demand for more and different kinds of education and training. But they’re not working alone. Employers, which have scaled back their investments in employee education in recent years, are again seeing a need to be involved in that upskilling. Yet studies repeatedly show that business leaders are often at odds with colleges and students as to whether graduates are adequately prepared for the workforce.

“Employers literally want to see that (graduates) have the skills they’re looking for so (they) can be productive in that job on day one,” said Ryan Craig. “That’s hard and that requires a set of new and different initiatives.” Postsecondary institutions have the potential to be a “revolving door” through which students come and go as they need to re-up their qualifications … which include critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, writing, oral communication and data analytics.

Excerpts from Hallie Busta, Education Dive, 5.2.19 https://www.educationdive.com/news/understanding-higher-eds-role-in-workforce-education-partnerships/553914/ cked0 List T

Career Colleges in Kentucky Appoint New Executive

LOUISVILLE — The Kentucky Association of Career Colleges and Schools (KACCS) has announced the appointment of Anthony S. Bieda as the new executive director of the organization.

Bieda previously served as an executive at the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools in Washington, D.C., and in leadership capacities with public higher education in Arizona, county government in Oregon, and the regulated telecommunications sector in Colorado.

“We are pleased to have Tony join the leadership team at KACCS because of the depth and breadth of his knowledge of the sector, as well as his commitment to effective outcomes for career college students,” said Cindy Landry, President of the association. “We look forward to his positive impact on growing the association and fortifying the value of career education in the Commonwealth.”

For more information contact:

Anthony S. Bieda, Executive Director
Kentucky Association of Career Colleges and Schools

291 N. Hubbards Lane, Suite 172-243
Louisville, KY 40207

KACCS 2018 Spring Newsletter

The KACCS Spring Newsletter is now available!  In this edition you will find articles on: 

  • 2018 Career College Day at the Capitol
  • Board and committee openings
  • General Assembly coming to a close
  • KACCS Board Members in leadership roles with accreditors
  • KACCS service opportunities
  • Training opportunities
  • Student panel
  • Save the Date: KACCS Annual Meeting & Educational Conference
  • Regional Leadership Institute registration details 
  • And more!

KACCS Spring 2018 Newsletter

2016 Fall Newsletter

  • KACCS annual award honorees
  • A message from KACCS’ president
  • Legislative update
  • New KACCS board members and officers named
  • Program recognized among Top 20 Affordable Programs
  • Report shows KY below national average in higher education attainment
  • Four spots remaining for October Regional Leadership Institute
  • Second annual articulation work tank meeting scheduled
  • New FERPA training available
  • Save the Date: 2017 Symposium


KACCS Scam Alert: Con Artists are Targeting Student Loan Holders

Fast and easy forgiveness of your student loans! Sound too good to be true? That’s because it is. Watch out for scams that entice student loan holders by claiming they can erase their debt.

How the scam works:

You see a post on Facebook or other social-media channels claiming that a company can erase your student loan debt. By using profile information on social-media channels, these scam artists target people who identify themselves as former college students or alumni, particularly younger individuals who are more likely to have student debt.

These con artists attract victims by marketing official-sounding programs, some of which don’t exist, or they offer “free” services that aren’t free at all. They often do this by providing a link from a sponsored Facebook or social-media post to a fraudulent or misleading website landing page.

Once they’ve “hooked” their targets on the website, the company asks for an upfront fee to negotiate with your student loan lender on your behalf. They often claim they’ve helped numerous other clients, but don’t believe them! Student loans can only be only be forgiven under very specific circumstances, which are not fast or easy.

These scammers will simply take your money and disappear. In another scam, con artists claim they can save you money by consolidating your loans, charging a fee for using a free government service. Other scams try to move your loans to a private lender with a higher interest rate.

Where can you find trustworthy information and assistance about student loan debt?

For reliable information on your student loan debt, contact Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education. This website can answer questions you may have about your existing loans, offer information about your options, and point you to legitimate sources of information about student loan indebtedness. For additional information about these scams and loan-indebtedness assistance, visit the Federal Student Aid website at https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/about/announcements/debt-relief-message.



KACCS Praises Best Practices for Military and Veteran Students: Blue Ribbon Taskforce Releases Guidelines for Military and Veteran Student Success

March 4, 2013

The Kentucky Association of Career Colleges and Schools applauds the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU) for their recent release of the “Report of the APSCU Blue Ribbon Taskforce for Military and Veteran Education,” which provides recommendations and suggestions for improving the educational experience of military and veteran students.  The taskforce’s recommendations come after a careful review of policies, processes and procedures employed by postsecondary institutions and corresponding services being provided to military and veteran students in higher education.  The Blue Ribbon Taskforce was composed of institutional leaders of campus military programs, state leaders and representatives of Veteran Service Organizations who served as special advisors. These recommendations will help military and veteran students   receive the proper training and skills necessary to succeed in the civilian workforce by leveraging the benefits they have earned through brave service to our nation while in uniform.

General James E. Shane (Ret.) of the Sullivan University System and the Blue Ribbon Taskforce Committee stated, “As a member of the APSCU Blue Ribbon Task Force, it was our goal to develop a set of guidelines which would not only assist the post-secondary institutions to develop and refine their programs for our military and veteran students, but to clearly demonstrate our commitment to assisting them in being successful in pursuit of their educational goals.  The taskforce members strongly felt that all young Americans who served our country deserve a quality education and every institution should be held to a standard which exemplifies our commitment to excellence.”

The recommendations in the Blue Ribbon Taskforce address: consumer information, enrollment and recruitment; institutional commitment to provide military and veteran student support; promising practices for ensuring military and veteran student success through student services; and establishing institutional research guidelines for tracking military and veteran student success.

Kentucky career colleges and schools have been and continue to be committed to the success of military and veteran students.  Sergeant Jason Stewart said of his experience as a student at National College, “It’s got deep military roots.  That was part of its appeal, as well – how friendly the staff and faculty and the school itself was to veterans.  The president is a veteran – Special Forces Vietnam.  He’s done and seen some incredible things.  They have an understanding of what it is to be a veteran and the sacrifices that come along with that.”  Jason is a Business Administration-Management and Office Technology Professional Programs major.

Current student, SPC James Fleig stated, “I decided to come back to school after my deployment as it was an eye opener.  I realized that by joining the military right after high school, I haven’t necessarily experienced one of life’s best offers. I spent three months doing research on colleges, trying to decide which would offer me the most in my education.  ATA College has been the best experience I could ask for from a college, ranging from flexible class times to making sure that every student has the best learning capability.  ATA College has worked with my military schedule and benefits with great expertise in their fields.”  James is enrolled in the Limited Medical Radiography Occupational Associates Degree program.

Jason’s and James’ educational experiences are only two shared by hundreds of military students enrolled in career colleges throughout Kentucky.

The recommendations proposed by APSCU’s Blue Ribbon Taskforce can be viewed here.

Career college students put skills to work for Kentucky’s legislators

On February 1, students of Kentucky’s career colleges and schools took a break from the classroom to put the practical skills they’re learning on display for state lawmakers. The Kentucky Association of Career Colleges and Schools (KACCS) organized a “Career College Day” at the state Capitol to demonstrate the many valuable skills and trades students learn in their programs. Students and program directors from seven career colleges made the trip to Frankfort for the event and the opportunity to reach out to Kentucky’s legislators.

Career College Day provides an excellent learning experience for both students and legislators. Students in attendance at the event were able to practice and demonstrate skills learned in the classroom while sharing their educational experiences. The event also encourages students to learn about and become involved with the legislative process. Legislators and staff also benefit from the opportunity by gaining a greater understanding about the wide range of degrees and certificates offered by career colleges and schools.

Students from Sullivan University’s culinary arts program prepared an impressive display of hors d’oeuvres and desserts for the event. The university’s pharmacy program and graduate degree programs were also represented and provided information about their programs and the opportunities they have gained through their educational experience.

Several students in attendance offered various medical screenings for legislators and legislative staff. National College’s Medical Assisting students provided glucose screenings, cholesterol screenings, and blood pressure checks and Spencerian College brought students working toward their Medical Laboratory Technician, Nursing, and Medical Assisting degrees who provided pulmonary function testing, body mass index (BMI), blood typing and blood pressure checks.

Computer Graphic Design students from Spencerian College were also in attendance at the event. In addition to an impressive showcase of graphic art from students in the program, those in attendance were also able to demonstrate computer design techniques.

Sullivan College of Technology and Design students representing both the Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Repair (HVAC-R) program and the Mechanical Engineering Technology program displayed and shared information about their programs and skills attained by hands on learning provided in their classrooms.

ATA College was represented by their Dental Assisting students who handed out toothbrushes and dental floss and provided information on oral hygiene.

Daymar College Medical Massage Therapy students provided a moment of relaxation for legislators by offering chair massages to Career College Day attendees. Lincoln College of Technology Massage Therapy students taught attendees how to make salt scrubs and provided information on how they can be used therapeutically for relaxation at home.

The event was a great success with legislators, students and special guests all benefiting from the experience.


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