Understanding higher ed’s role in workforce education partnerships

To better prepare students for jobs, new groups and companies are emerging to help connect what employers want and colleges offer. …Colleges and universities are pushing to keep up with the … demand for more and different kinds of education and training. But they’re not working alone. Employers, which have scaled back their investments in employee education in recent years, are again seeing a need to be involved in that upskilling. Yet studies repeatedly show that business leaders are often at odds with colleges and students as to whether graduates are adequately prepared for the workforce.

“Employers literally want to see that (graduates) have the skills they’re looking for so (they) can be productive in that job on day one,” said Ryan Craig. “That’s hard and that requires a set of new and different initiatives.” Postsecondary institutions have the potential to be a “revolving door” through which students come and go as they need to re-up their qualifications … which include critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, writing, oral communication and data analytics.

Excerpts from Hallie Busta, Education Dive, 5.2.19 https://www.educationdive.com/news/understanding-higher-eds-role-in-workforce-education-partnerships/553914/ cked0 List T