KACCS Praises Best Practices for Military and Veteran Students: Blue Ribbon Taskforce Releases Guidelines for Military and Veteran Student Success

March 4, 2013

The Kentucky Association of Career Colleges and Schools applauds the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU) for their recent release of the “Report of the APSCU Blue Ribbon Taskforce for Military and Veteran Education,” which provides recommendations and suggestions for improving the educational experience of military and veteran students.  The taskforce’s recommendations come after a careful review of policies, processes and procedures employed by postsecondary institutions and corresponding services being provided to military and veteran students in higher education.  The Blue Ribbon Taskforce was composed of institutional leaders of campus military programs, state leaders and representatives of Veteran Service Organizations who served as special advisors. These recommendations will help military and veteran students   receive the proper training and skills necessary to succeed in the civilian workforce by leveraging the benefits they have earned through brave service to our nation while in uniform.

General James E. Shane (Ret.) of the Sullivan University System and the Blue Ribbon Taskforce Committee stated, “As a member of the APSCU Blue Ribbon Task Force, it was our goal to develop a set of guidelines which would not only assist the post-secondary institutions to develop and refine their programs for our military and veteran students, but to clearly demonstrate our commitment to assisting them in being successful in pursuit of their educational goals.  The taskforce members strongly felt that all young Americans who served our country deserve a quality education and every institution should be held to a standard which exemplifies our commitment to excellence.”

The recommendations in the Blue Ribbon Taskforce address: consumer information, enrollment and recruitment; institutional commitment to provide military and veteran student support; promising practices for ensuring military and veteran student success through student services; and establishing institutional research guidelines for tracking military and veteran student success.

Kentucky career colleges and schools have been and continue to be committed to the success of military and veteran students.  Sergeant Jason Stewart said of his experience as a student at National College, “It’s got deep military roots.  That was part of its appeal, as well – how friendly the staff and faculty and the school itself was to veterans.  The president is a veteran – Special Forces Vietnam.  He’s done and seen some incredible things.  They have an understanding of what it is to be a veteran and the sacrifices that come along with that.”  Jason is a Business Administration-Management and Office Technology Professional Programs major.

Current student, SPC James Fleig stated, “I decided to come back to school after my deployment as it was an eye opener.  I realized that by joining the military right after high school, I haven’t necessarily experienced one of life’s best offers. I spent three months doing research on colleges, trying to decide which would offer me the most in my education.  ATA College has been the best experience I could ask for from a college, ranging from flexible class times to making sure that every student has the best learning capability.  ATA College has worked with my military schedule and benefits with great expertise in their fields.”  James is enrolled in the Limited Medical Radiography Occupational Associates Degree program.

Jason’s and James’ educational experiences are only two shared by hundreds of military students enrolled in career colleges throughout Kentucky.

The recommendations proposed by APSCU’s Blue Ribbon Taskforce can be viewed here.

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