Spring Symposium “in-person” cancelled

NOTICE to All KACCS Member Colleges and Schools:

The absence of presenters and speakers due to travel restrictions and the imposition of social distancing protocols in response to the public health issue have impeded plans for an in-person Spring Symposium (originally scheduled for Friday, April 24th at Sullivan-Louisville). Given those and other considerations, KACCS has cancelled the event, “Clear Vision for Career Education.” Recognizing the value of information sharing and professional development even during a pandemic, on behalf of its member institutions, their students and employees, KACCS will develop and make available content regarding:

> Short-term strategies to convert on-ground to on-line delivery of instructional services, in accord with state, federal and accreditation requirements and emergency waivers.

> ED.Gov considerations for Federal Student Aid protocols applied to on-ground to on-line conversions, including accreditation approval, T4 review, SAP and R2T4.

> Reaching and preserving student and employee engagement during Covid-19 social distancing protocols.

> Preserving supply chain performance during Covid-19 protocols.

> Anticipating post Covid-19 enrollment demand (or enrollment resistance), outreach and marketing.

KACCS will also focus on developing and delivering workshops, webinars, round-table encounters and other forums to fully explore these and related topics over the summer and during the 2020 KACCS Conference & Exhibition, Friday. Aug. 21st. Watch this website for more details in the coming weeks!

Covid-19 Guidance on Distance Learning, SAP and R2T4

KACCS member colleges and schools that participate in the U.S. Department of Education’s Title IV Federal Student Aid programs are working diligently to accommodate the lapses in on-campus, on-ground instructional delivery during the social distancing protocols devised to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

In response to requests for information, the Association has extracted guidance from the ED.Gov regarding regulatory requirements for Distance Learning, Satisfactory Student Progress and Return to Title IV funds. Please download the information below and note the additional resources and links contained in the document.

Until this challenge to community health and student/staff well-being is met and addressed, KACCS will continue to research and share information that is intended to minimize the disruption of education and instruction for career college students.