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KACCS @ The Capitol: 2.25.2020

The Association’s strong government relations program hosted several college and school officials for informed, respectful encounters with Kentucky state senators and representatives. The meetings included Senators J. Raque Adams, Ralph Avarado, Julian Carroll, Morgan McGarvey, D. Harper Angel, Phillip Wheeler, Alice Forgy Kerr, Dennis Parrett, John Schickel, Max Wise and Mike Nemes. Representatives participating in meetings were Kevin Bratcher, Jason Nemes, George Brown, Derrick Graham, Mary Lou Marzian, Tom Burch, Kathy Hinkle, Russell Webber and Adam Koenig.

The association was represented by liaisons from MedQuest College, Sullivan University and Beckfield College (below).

(From Left) KACCS Board Members Robin Boughey, Chris Ernst and Tom Cropper (3rd from right) meet with Rep. Kevin Bratcher, center.
Di Tran, KACCS Board member and Anthony Bieda, KACCS Executive Director.