The DialogEDU learning management system (LMS) was designed and built with today’s learner in mind. Influenced by recent technological evolutions, students from all generations now share expectations of educational organizations similar to those of the millennial generation. Therefore, DialogEDU was created for today’s student who expects personalization, engagement, social capability and true omnipresence.


DialogEDU’s unique capabilities use individualized learning and gamification philosophies to create an experience that improves cognitive outcomes and results in improved persistence, completion and student success. In a recent study, when content was presented via the DialogEDU system, measurable learning outcomes increased by over 100%.


With our cloud-based platform, learning can also take place anywhere and anytime, as DialogEDU allows students to learn and interact on any mobile device. DialogEDU’s simulations can emulate real-life teachable moments in the online realm. Complex learning scenarios with thousands of possible outcomes can be orchestrated with virtual coaches, 3D animations, videos and real-time assessment to create highly engaging and personalized learning content. Content that was once impossible to present and teach online can now be used to more fully engage the student to improve retention and therefore, graduation rates.



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